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Don’t Mess With The Best

Impeccable knowledge of golf and issues i was having 
Sun May 06 2018

Rodney Perry

Horace was very professional, patient and accommodating of my travel schedule. For a true beginner like me, who couldn't hit the ball, I am now more confident in my form, technique and attitude about the game. I enjoyed him taking the time to get to know me, my reasons for taking up the sport and what my goals were before we even took a lesson. Looking forward to playing with my hubby when we retire!
Tue Jul 09 2019

Anita Collins

I requested targeted lessons with my driver. Mr Crenshaw provided timely instructions and a good feedback on my swing.

Jul 24, 2020

Shedric Crump

Horace is a wonderful, personable and professional coach. I’m very new to golf and tend to be very tense. I can always rely on Horace to create an inviting, and positive learning atmosphere. Even though I don’t plan on competing; he is sure to start new students on the right foot with rooting lessons in core foundations to make sure you are successful. If you’re looking for an amazing coach.. this is your man! Stop your searching and contact him today for a fast reply!
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Jul 24, 2020

Allison Walt

Great professional and good at how he teaches. Definitely, recommend his services.
Sat, Aug 29 2020

Craig Pearson

I had my first session and I think it went well. Horace is patient and knowledgeable. I feel comfortable and confident about learning a golf although I've never played before.
Mon., Aug 31, 2020

Kimberly Taylor

Had a great lesson with Mr. Crenshaw. Definitely listened to our concerns and provided tailored feedback. Would recommend!
Tue Oct 20 2020

Shane Culver

I hired Horace to correct certain issues with my swing that have been plaguing me as I try to improve my game. Horace is a certified instructor (and a seasoned player himself), and he was able to provide me with various techniques that I can use in my ongoing practice, which is the most you can ask for from an instructor. I heartily recommend him.

Thurs Oct 29 2020

Brendan Connors, esq.

Horace’s knowledge of the game is unparallel. With over a couple decades playing golf he has a wealth of knowledge to provide to his students. What I like most about his training platform, was that he does a great job of demonstrating the fundamentals. After teaching you the fundamentals and watching you perform he is able to adjust your form to fit your individual strengths, weaknesses, body type etc. This type of training provided me a deep understanding of the fundamentals but also allowed me to make subtle adjustments to my individual swing that suited me best. I completed the Full Swing, Pitch, and Putting classes and look forward to finishing with the 9 hole round of golf to really put all the pieces together. Great experience and will recommend.

Tues Nov 17 2020

Jason Brown

Excellent Teacher.

Wed Oct 5 2022

Lawrence Greenlit

Great Coach. Saw results quickly.

Fri Jun 30 2023

Sean Werfel

I had never taken a golf lesson or picked up a golf club prior to my first lesson with Horace. He was incredibly patient with me which was not only helpful but it put me at ease. His lessons were very informative and he took plenty of time to answer my questions. I came away feeling like I had all of the skills to continue building and refining my game. His enthusiasm for the game was also contagious. Can’t recommend Horace enough whether you’re a beginner or expert!

Tues, Jul 18 2023

Allison Brito


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